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One of our top priorities is that our kids & youth would hear about Jesus. We work hard to provide a safe, loving, fun-filled environment where they can connect with others and learn about God in a meaningful, relevant way.

Clear View Kids

Clear View Kids is designed to help children learn about who Jesus is through Bible teaching, prayer, and worship of God. We have six different classes that are divided by age, from newborn babies through fifth grade students. With trusted volunteers, Clear View Kids is a safe and loving place for your child to learn about what it means to follow Jesus. 

Getting Started


When you come through the main doors, you will be greeted by one of our Clear Viewe Kids volunteers at the New Family Registration podium.  He or she will help register your family in our online check-in system. You will then be directed to our check-in desk where our check-in attendants will print your child’s nametag and provide you with a parent security card. 

Start Time

Children may be dropped off as early as 20 minutes before the service begins. New families are welcome to tour our kids' space with one of our Sunday morning team leaders. Children will then be welcomed into their classes, while parents can leave to attend our adult services.  

During Service

If your child needs you at any time during the service we will page you right away. You child’s number, found on your parent security card, will appear on the top corner of the auditorium screen. If you see your child's number appear on the screen, we ask that you would meet your child at our check-in desk right away. 

After Service

Shortly after the adult service ends, we ask that you return to our check-in area. Parents can then give their security card to one of our trained volunteers. The volunteers pick the children up from their separate classrooms and bring the children back to the check-in area, where parents are waiting. 

We hope you and your children come to check out Clear View Kids! If you have any questions, please contact Krista, our kids director.


Sample Weekly Newsletters

Toddlers & 3-4 year olds (younger kids)
5-6 & 7-8 year olds (older kids)
9-11 year olds

Junior High and Highschool

Our middle school and high school groups meet as a small group once a week in order to provide age appropriate discussions for our students to learn about who Jesus is and personally apply what He teaches about how our lives should reflect Him.

During weekend services, our students participate in the adult worship service and serve alongside the rest of the church.

We have a high standard of character that we place on all of the leaders who serve to help lead our youth. They are people who are committed to providing mature examples of faith in Jesus and are committed to providing a safe and inviting atmosphere where our students can experience Jesus. All of the volunteers that work with our students are expected to meet the same bibical standards that are required of our adult small group leaders.

Michael Perez

When & Where:

Wednesdays 6:30 - 8pm @ Clear View

The group meets off site the 1st week of the month


Michael leads this group for high school and junior high students. Please contact Michael at before going to the group to verify time and location.